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Online Management Guide

This guide is provided to help you successfully create, join and manage your team. If you were a participant in 2015 or 2016, you can use the same username and password you previously created.

Create Your Team

Go to the “Corporate Team” tab. This is where you will be able to create your team.

1. Click on the Create a New Team button.

2. Setup Basic Team Options

Team Name – make this something easy to understand and remember so employees will be able to recognize it among the many teams listed.
Team Type – There is only one team type.
Event Cost % – Enter the % of the team costs you are willing to pay for your employees. 100% means you will pay the entire cost for each participant. 75% means you will pay for 75% of the cost.
Event Code – Enter a code that you will be able to share with employees so others do not sign up under your team and you pay. You will be able to review who has entered under your team.
Stop Paying Date – This date will be your cut-off for paying for entrants. This can differ from our invoice date. You should pick a date that corresponds to how fast your accounts payable can process a payment back to us.
Maximum Number Covered – this is the total number of registrations (employees, family and friends combined).
Family/Friends Setting – you can enable an employee to also add others to their registration. Check the box to turn this on. If not checked, only employees would be able to join your team and receive your cost offset. If checked, you can specify a limit to the number of additional members that your organization will pay for. You can also specify the rules – we have default text that can be replaced with anything you want.

3. Team Questions

There are a series of questions that all captains must answer.

Street Address



Zip Code

Phone Number

Industry Category

Once you have finished the questions click Continue to proceed. The next screen will show the initial Corporate Team Payment. Click on Create Team and your team will be created. You will have the option to go the Team Page where you will be able to administer and update your team.

Team Page

Edit Team – Allows you to edit your initial options and to add some more.

Set-up Member Questions – Allows you to ask questions of all of your team members.

Logo – You can upload your company logo

View Members – This will show you who has joined your team and their stats.

Join Don’t forget to join yourself! You just set the team up – now is a good time to become the first team member, and not just the Captain.

Add & Change Captains – You can share the Captain responsibilities with others and they will then be able to see this same Team Set-Up page.

View Invoices and Payments – This is where you can track how much you owe and see how to make payments.

Edit Teams

You will be able to edit the options you set when you first created your team, like the password or how many employees and family members you want to help pay for.

In addition, you can decide whether you want to let people register on the public team page, and whether you want to create your own URL so that you can send employees directly to register.

Finally, you can enable non-employees to register independently from employees. In the standard mode, employees and their families must register together.

Change Logo

We make it easy to upload your organizations logo (or another fun picture) for your team page. This will help your employees identify which team to join and enhance your company image.

View Members

This will allow you view and remove members of your team. If you notice someone on your team has incorrect information, only they can change it for security and privacy purposes. They can simply log back in where they registered and modify their Profile to update information. Removing a member will remove them from the race, and fees they may have paid will not be refunded.


You can add and remove Captains very easily. Note that the new Captains must be registered in the system. They can do this by joining the team, or can simply go to and click on Login

View Invoices and Payments

You will be able to view payments you have made – both online and offline.

In addition, you will be able to see invoices and amount due. You will be able to pay this online or send a check.

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